A Tiny Complaint

Kingmaker has been out as a CRPG for a bit now. As mentioned previously, it’s been stealing my players’ time. Which is… it happens. I’m not here to bitch, whine or moan about that.

However, I did get introduced to the game a bit, and there’s something I’d like to complain about, thank you so very much. Namely etiquette and forms of address.

The relevant PC had a newly founded barony, and as such was a baron. Yet all of the NPCs kept calling him ‘Your Grace’, which is the way to correctly address a duke or archbishop! Certainly not the proper address when talking to a baron (who would be ‘my lord’ or ‘ your lordship’).

I know it’s a minor thing, but it kept messing with my suspension of disbelief for the entire time. And it would have been so easy to look up. And so easy to fix.



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